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Lofts Conversion

From lofts and basements to barns and warehouses, you can create living space in almost any structure. We show you how with great design inspiration and expert advice

If you are converting your loft into useable space, you may not consider it to be subject to the same constraints as a typical extension that projects from the front or side of your home. However, you should be aware that certain alterations need planning permission, and you will also need to take building regulations into account.

We take a detailed look at what you need to do to comply with planning and building laws.

The type of loft conversion you will need depends on a number of factors such as your property type, your budget, and your requirements. The cheapest conversion is usually a roof light conversion, which can start from £25,000 – adding a dormer and an en-suite will add a further £20,000. If you have a small loft with a low ridge a dormer will be essential. If you have a high ridge, around three metres, the likelihood is that a dormer will not be required. The higher your property value, the more you should really, budget permitting, maximise your development to achieve the maximum valuation on your property.