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Doors & Windows

Doors & Windows

Fully Sculptured Windows 

Underneath its striking, fully-sculptured good looks is one the most technically advanced frames on the market, with superior weather resistance, heat insulation and physical strength – all from a recyclable material. The window design will accept any glazing requirement making it perfect for homeowners concerned about energy ratings.

Why choose fully sculptured?

  • Available in a range of coloured finishes and woodgrains
  • Internal beading options 
  • Suitable for PVC-U curtain-walling 
  • Galvanised steel reinforcements 
  • Softer, sculptured appearance like timber 
  • Exceptional weather performance

Vertical Slider Windows 

Not only do these replacement sash windows look exactly like their traditional timber predecessors, they are also significantly more energy-efficient and much simpler to maintain. These technically advanced double glazed sash windows offer heritage and technology in perfect partnership.

Ideally suited to homes with a traditional look and feel, they offer the added benefits of improved heat retention and security. You no longer need to worry about problematic weights and cords or any of the drawbacks typically associated with traditional sliding sash windows such as swelling, squeaking or continual repainting.


The universal design of these window frames allows for either overhanging or stub cill. The rear projection results in far less complex fabrication, meaning that the construction is simpler and less likely to create the opportunity for operator error.  


Vertical sliding sash windows have the option of: horns which are screwed on, horns machined into the upper jambs or no horns at all. 


This sash window has been designed with bespoke gearing to accept various components from any of the major suppliers. The window will also accept heavy duty spring balances and trickle vents within the head of the frame. 


The Vertical sliding replacement sash window was designed to accommodate a Glazing thickness of 28mm, but when it is used with the 58mm bead range, it will accept glazing of any thickness whatsoever, making it a superb heritage sash window with advanced 21st century energy-efficiency. 

Triple glazing

Despite Triple Glazing only requiring around a 20% extra initial investment, our Energy Saving Windows can provide the following benefits to your customers business or home. A window fitted with triple glazed units exceeds the current ‘A+’ window energy rating requirement. Triple glazing also provides enhanced security due to the extra pane of toughened glass, ensuring that your windows are less easy to break through.

Aluminium Windows

Strength & Durability are provided by the use of Aluminum sections which gives structurally sound windows and doors for your peace of mind.

Warmth & Comfort are benefits enjoyed by homeowners because our Aluminum windows are thermally efficient and contribute to a reduction in the cost of heating bills.

We can upgrade your existing windows with the new energy rated glass so you don’t have to replace your existing windows. We also can apply film to your windows and conservatory roofs to make them more thermally efficient

Combining the best in classic style and performance, manufactured to the highest calibre and thoroughly tested to beyond industry standards and provides energy efficiency, excellent thermal and sound insulation.